135 mílimetros 

Present a language reflected in a careful style and that looks for the  elegance in the simple, natural and spontaneous gestures. We look at each person with  oneness and this characteristic allows us to connect and inspire, touching the ones that  comes to us.  With a dedicated and committed team, with charisma and a distinctive soul, that loves  to know new places, new homes and live new traditions.

Cláudio – creative director, photographer 

The world of art has a constant presence in my life and this has always been my language,  a way to express myself.  In 2006, I started shooting the first photo reports, but it was with product photography that I  found myself. I could give wings to my own creativity through composition and  light.

Cecília – photographer, management and marketing responsible

My connection to investigation in the engineering area made me a methodical person,  organized and with an attentive look at even the smallest details. Photography appears as  a complement and faster becomes a passion.  Blogger since 2007, but with the writing since I know myself, now, I’ve joined the fascination of “telling a story” with the complex and enchanting art of  photography.

De acordo com a Lei nº 144/2015 informamos que em caso de litígio, o foro competente será o CICAP – Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem